[QUESTION] What is YOUR Best Jump Rope Routine?


Welcome to the Crossrope Curiosity Series where we want YOU to help us create the content. We'll ask the questions. You give us your answers. And we all learn something new.

There are many ways to build the best jump rope routine.

It all depends on your goals, your experience, and your creativity.

With the introduction of weighted jump ropes, you can now create jump rope routines and workouts to achieve a multitude of fitness goals - faster weight loss, superior endurance, improved athletic performance, easier double unders, and even a boost in functional strength.

So we want to know...

What is your BEST jump rope routine?

What's your go-to routine? Which workout do you keep going back to?

Take a second to share your routine in the comment section. And feel free to skim through and respond to other people's answers - you might find some cool ideas to experiment with.

Click here to share your favorite jump rope routine.

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