Is Crossrope a Great Gift Idea? Here’s What 19 Customers Said

Is Crossrope a Great Gift Idea? Here’s What 19 Customers Said

“Would you give Crossrope as a gift? Why (or why not)?”

We put this question out to our amazing customers, and received an overwhelming number of responses. Thanks so much to all who took the time to respond!

Based on the replies, some of you think Crossrope is a great gift, while others aren’t entirely convinced…

And since some of these responses are too great not to share, we thought it might be fun to post them here.

Keep reading to see what Crossrope customers around the world have to say:

"I would consider Crossrope to be a GREAT gift if the person is already involved in some type of physical activity. The different ropes provide an unexpected range of activities and benefits. Of course, they can be used virtually anywhere – no other equipment or facility required.I would NOT give Crossrope or any piece of athletic gear to someone as an incentive or motivator. I’ve seen dozens of examples of various gear as gifts (from Fitbits to running shoes to gym memberships to treadmills). The one thing ALL of them have in common is they backfired. The receiver resented the message and so the implication that they “needed” this item."

Greg K. | Crossrope Aficionado from Chandler, AZ | Owner of an Elite Set (original version of the Premium Set)

"I wish someone bought me Crossrope as a gift years ago when I started jumping. Instead, I used cheap, non-weighted, non-challenging ropes because I didn't think the investment was worth it.

After having my Crossrope now for a short time, I can tell you how wrong I was. I can see and feel a change in my upper body strength, my abs and my leg muscles. The weighted ropes give me the challenge I need to push myself and improve my cardio performance.

If anyone is looking for that perfect gift to give to someone who works out or is looking to start working out...why not help them "jump" into the New Year with a new Crossrope set? And you can even personalize it by including a list of your favorite songs to jump to.

Crossrope was the best gift I gave myself this year :)

Happy Jumping"

Renee D. | Boston, MA | Owner of a Plus Set

"That's kind of funny. I actually bought the rope kit for my 14 year-old son, who's a dancer, as a gift.

He is doing some rope work now, but the rope sucks and I came across your product and thought,‘Yeah, that's it.’ I got him a large set because he's 5'9" tall, so it should also work for me (6' tall).

After he opens it on Christmas, I'm going to give it a try and will maybe buy some Crossrope gear for myself too :-)"

Todd W. | Dallas, TX | Purchased a Plus Set

"I, myself, would love it as a gift. My wife and I travel to road and trail races. Crossrope is great for warming up before we run. The ropes also fit into our suitcases, and your great workouts are available on our phones."

Richard H. Los Angeles, CA

"I bought Crossrope for my fiancé, who is a professional bareback rider, because he is on the road often. It is a great gift for someone who needs workout equipment that can fit into small places!"

Raegan T. | Victor, MT | Purchased a Plus Set

"I would only buy a Crossrope set as a gift to someone who already works out regularly or is into fitness (or is open-minded). But I would not waste this gift on a friend who is a stubborn couch potato, even if that person can see improvements to my physique from jumping rope. They need more incentive to get moving.

Sorry, but it is not for everyone."

Scott L. | Los Angeles, C | Owner of a Plus Set

"I would absolutely buy a Crossrope set as a gift! What makes it so great is the ease of use and that it is such a versatile fitness tool that you can use anywhere, anytime! It's a small investment that pays off big time. I use it regularly as part of my calisthenics routine; definitely recommend!"

John D. | Germantown, MD | Owner of an Elite Set (original version of the Premium Set) and a Training Bag

"What's in a rope? Giving Crossrope as a gift would make a very profound statement. It goes something like this: ‘I love you, I care about you. I want nothing but the best for you.’

The benefits of jumping with Crossrope are limitless. It will increase your strength, power, agility, self-esteem, and inspire you to improve and lead a healthier lifestyle -- whether you’re a novice or expert! Always something new to learn, and a wonderful FaceBook community to support and share. And the Crossrope app is a great personal trainer, so a workout routine is always just a click away.

If you love someone, buy them a Crossrope.

Best to all"

Sybil F. | Baysville, ON (Canada) | Owner of multiple ropes and handles, as well as The Official Crossrope Guide

"I think it depends on who you're giving it to. If the person is not used to working out, I’d probably give them medium to lightweight ropes. For me, at least, it took awhile to get to a point where I was able to take on the 3-pounder (which I lovingly refer to as " THE PIG")."

Ray B. | Brighton, CO | Owner of Starter Set and all ropes in the Premium Set

"Here are my thoughts:

1. Any fitness buff has to have a Crossrope. There simply isn’t a better jump rope on the market.

2. Giving a Crossrope this season is both a practical and aspirational gift. It will become the most used piece of equipment for the fitness enthusiasts and take them to greater heights.

3. Crossrope is truly a gift that keeps on giving; I love Crossrope because it works and keeps on working, and the ropes never tangle or break."

Rick P. | Salt Lake City, UT

"Great product; would recommend to anyone, but not give it as a gift. Too pushy and insinuating - like giving cookware to your girlfriend."

Joe P. | Lombard, IL | Owner of an Elite Set (original version of the Premium Set)

"There are a lot of people out there who know all the great benefits of jumping rope. However, they may not know what kind of rope to buy...and even if they are aware of the Crossrope brand, they may not be willing to make the investment because of the uncertainty of a quality product.

'Are these sets worth it?' they may ask. As a 'Crossroper for Life', I have a responsibility to answer 'yes' to that question, and the holidays are a perfect time to take that 'yes' a step further by gifting a Crossrope set to a friend or family member. Because I know it will literally jumpstart their fitness goals in a way they never imagined.

Not to mention, they will also become a member of probably the most supportive and interactive Fitness Community on Social Media..."

Jordan D. | Community Member Extraordinaire from Potamac, MD | Owner of almost every Crossrope product that ever existed

"This email is coincidental, as just before I opened it I was recommending to someone very strongly that they buy a Crossrope set...I am an avid masters athlete and use the ropes 6 days a week. I have literally recommended these to over 50 people in the past year!!!"

Rodd O. | Toronto, ON (Canada) | Owner of all ropes in the Premium Set

"I think Crossrope would be the best give to ever receive. Honestly, if someone bought me another Crossrope for Christmas I'd be the happiest man alive (even though I've already bought one for myself. Another set would be just awesome!)

I would buy a Crossrope for someone close to me, someone I can bring along with me on these jumping workouts. We could workout together!

It makes it a good gift for several reasons:

1) It has a very premium feel with high standards - it looks to be of high quality, and it exudes status (like I'm generous or I have money to spare, or I simply love the person I'm gifting it to).

2) It has room for future gifts! Example: for Christmas, I buy someone a standard Starter Set. Maybe for their birthday, I could get them thicker ropes, or an exercise mat? It's great!

3) The packaging of your different sets is TOP NOTCH. Very well thought-out, and great marketing. First impressions count, and the way you guys box up your sets is very neat.

4) Crossrope is built to last and will be around for a long time.

5) Crossrope and jumping is addictive, and hopefully you’ll see the person you gift them to use them for a very long time as well (there's no greater feeling than seeing your gift being put to use and treated properly!)

Thanks for making a great product. Hoping to shed a lot of fat and share my success story with your website as a testimonial to the great product you have made!

Regards as always"

Nigel J. | Possibly the only owner of a Crossrope in Brunei Darussalam, along with his older brother! | Owner of a Starter Set

"Heck yeah, it’s a good gift!!! Your next question might be, ”for whom?” to which I would answer:

For every person at my gym who takes MY Crossrope vs. the 30 ropes that are hanging on the wall.

This also answers the question of “what makes a good gift?” Apparently, a good gift is something you continually borrow from a friend at the gym (but won't buy for yourself)."

Matt S. | Beachwood, OH | Owner of a Starter Set

"Crossrope is a great gift for a person who is into sports. You can start with a small set and over the time you can give additional ropes, additional handles or a new set…

The product is well designed and will last for a long time, but a person who doesn’t like to workout won’t enjoy it."

Martin K. | Portland, OR | Owner of an Elite Set (original version of the Premium Set)

"I'm going to give you my honest opinion. I'm a Canadian resident, so when all is said and done, getting the basic ZDF Set (which I purchased) comes to $95 with the difference in the Canadian dollar. Depending on the person, and the relationship between said person, that is a lot of money for a gift (especially if they won't be dedicated to their jumping).

That being said, I'm totally about building the necessary motivation for someone and leading the way by example. People will see what they’re capable of achieving, and want to become evolved. Once you build that, then a Crossrope is an awesome gift!! And very much worth the cost...even to Canada!


Scott S. | Mapleridge, BC (Canada)

"Dude! Honestly, Crossrope is one of the most incredible fitness tools I've used. I don't think that anyone has ever thought of such a system that trains everything. It hits my back, my arms, my shoulders, and even my calves, which I've been trying to engage for years.

And it doesn't hurt my shoulder. That really excites me, because I haven't been able to weight train as hard as I would like. Because of Crossrope, I think that I will be able to develop the body that I've always dreamed of without damaging my shoulder or putting it into dangerous positions. Long story short, this is a great gift for anybody. Not only is jumping rope fun, it is incredible fitness."

Patrick V. | Glendora, CA | Owner of all ropes in the Plus Set

"Of course Crossrope would be a great gift! Especially for the "value-minded" (aka "cheap") gym rat who can't (won't) get past the idea of too-expensive ropes, but trip up and suffer forever with those ridiculous dinky plastic $5 department store ropes.

A gift of a quality rope set is perfect because it says the gift-giver really cares to give something of refined quality. Once they start using it, they will appreciate it so much.

Or it would be even more of a great gift for a beginning fitness buff, or someone launching a weight-loss campaign (or for the kids). Your medium-weight combo ropes are so easy to pick up and just start jumping without the frustration (along with training and workout videos)."

Ken B. | Denver, CO | Owner of nearly every type of rope and handle

Think Crossrope Would Be A Great Gift?

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