Crossrope Roundup: Our Top 10 Jump Rope Articles From 2016


As we near the end of 2016, we're excited to be finishing off a fun and exciting year of putting together jump rope content for your guys.

A lot of amazing things have happened over the past year here at Crossrope and we're excited to see what 2017 has in store for all of us.

But before we celebrate the new year, we want to do a fun little recap - a quick roundup of our most popular and favorite blog posts and content pieces from 2016.

Whether you’re new to jumping rope, a self-professed ninja, obsessed with double unders, or just looking to get in the best shape of your life, we've got something for everyone.

Take a look back at our most popular posts of 2016!

Learn How to Jump Rope: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Jump Rope Training

ultimate beginners guide to jumping rope

So you're new to jump rope training and want to learn how to jump rope?

Good. This post will show you everything you need to know to begin your jump rope journey. We cover the best jump rope to use, jump rope sizing tips, simple techniques to learn first, and how to get started with your first jump rope exercise.

Click here to read the complete beginner's guide to jump rope training

The Perfect Beginner Jump Rope Workout

Perfect beginner jump rope workout

Alright so you've learned the basics of jumping rope. Now you're ready to dig into your first beginner jump rope workout.

This post covers what we consider to be the perfect beginner jump rope workout - it cycles through four (4) simple jump rope exercises that anyone can do. You ready?

Click here to check out the perfect jump rope workout for beginners

Jump Rope Weight Loss: Ricardo’s Confessions

Weight loss transformation story

The most inspirational posts have come straight from the stories our customers have shared.

Perhaps the most powerful was Ricardo's story. (aka the original Crossroper for Life) Ricardo shares his incredible journey of ups and downs as he managed to lose over 150 pounds! It's an inspirational story.

Click here to read Ricardo's incredible story of transformation

Jump Rope Fat Loss: Why The Jump Rope Is The Perfect Fat Loss Tool

Lose weight with jump rope

Speaking of weight loss, one of our most popular posts of the year is a post about jump rope weight loss.

This comprehensive 'How To' post covers everything you need to know about using jump ropes and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn lots of calories and lose weight.

Click here to see the complete guide to jump rope weight loss

Importance of Heavy Jump Rope Design

Heavy Rope Design

We frequently share the benefits of heavy jump rope training.

But one question that we hadn't thoroughly addressed is how the design of the (heavy) jump rope affects your ability to achieve those benefits. In this post, we explore three important design principles of heavy jump ropes that you should know.

Click here to read about the importance of heavy jump rope design

Jumping Rope vs Running: What to do When Running is Not an Option

Jumping rope vs running

Are you a runner looking to mix up your cardio training?

Earlier in the year we put together a post on running vs jumping that is a 'must read' for all runners in our community. If you are prone to running injuries, not sure what to do on rainy days, or if you're just plain bored with running and want to learn how to mix things up a bit, check it out.

Click here to read our complete post on jumping rope vs running

How to Do Double Unders: The Program I Used to Reach 639 Double Unders (In a Row)

How to do double unders

The double under struggle is real. If you want to learn how to do the double under, this post is the perfect place to start.

This is the complete and ultimate guide to double under mastery. It is a goldmine for those looking to both get started with their double under journey and those who really want to take their double under training to the next level.

Within this post, you get access to Dave's free double under rapid improvement program which he personally used to bring his total count to 600+ unbroken double unders. Not bad.

Click here to read the complete guide to double under training

Double Under Disaster to Double Under Master

Jump rope success story

Speaking of double unders, you have to read Brent's story.

This is a guy who struggled with double unders for years before he finally got his hands on a set of Crossrope jump ropes. Within a few weeks he set a new PR of 53 unbroken dubs and never looked back. Want to see how he did it?

Click here to read Brent's amazing double under story

Jump Rope Workout With NEW Limited Edition Set

Limited Edition workout set

Alright so this is one of our favorite jump rope workouts we've shared this year.

We put it together when we launched our exclusive Limited Edition Jump Rope Set, but it can be used with any of our jump rope systems. It's not easy, but it's fun.

Click here to check out the Limited Edition Set workout

17 Ridiculously Good Fitness Quotes to Get You Up and Jumping

Woman holding jump ropes

Are you lacking motivation? Need a boost?

Then you're going to love this post. We wanted to get a little creative and change things up with our content, so we put together this list of 17 fitness quotes that we think will give you the boost you need to get off the couch and start jumping.

Click here to check out all 17 fitness quotes here

BONUS: 5 Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolutions This Year

New Year resolutions with jump rope

OK so this one wasn't written in 2016, BUT it is quite appropriate and we wanted to squeeze a bonus article in here for you in case you're really enjoying yourself.

If you have some big fitness goals for 2017, then we've got five simple tips to help you stick to your resolutions. Nothing profound here. Just a lot of important reminders.

Click here to check out the five New Year's tips

What's in Store Next Year?

And that's all we got for you!

We really hope you've enjoyed all the content we've created and shared with you over the past year and we're excited to be creating more for you in 2017.

And here's where we need your help...

What content do you want to see in 2017?

Please leave a comment below and tell us what content you would like to see us put together for 2017. More workouts? More tutorials? More customer spotlights? Something different? Let us know in the comments!

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