Best Fitness Gift Ideas From 20,000 Fitness Enthusiasts


The holidays are just around the corner.

Whether you're an early shopper or you tend to leave things to the last minute, we wanted to give a helping hand by showing you what fitness enthusiasts actually want this year.

We asked our community of 20,000 fitness enthusiasts to give us their best wish list items and we've compiled them into our 2017 holiday gift guide.

This holiday season, don't just guess what your fitness-minded friends want. Use this curated list to find that perfect gift - the one they're actually going to love and use.

Here are the top holiday fitness gift ideas for 2017.

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How the Gifts Were Selected

This was a fun blog post to put together.

We wanted to know what the most popular gift ideas were this year. So we polled our first 20,000 members in our private fitness community to see what people wanted for the holidays.

Here's what we asked -

Next, we asked everyone on the Crossrope team to share what fitness gifts they really wanted for the holiday season.

We put it all together to give you the ultimate holiday fitness gift guide.

Let's dig in.

Top 10 Gift Ideas From our Community

The following are the top 10 fitness gift ideas selected by our community members. We've listed them from least to most popular.

1. Resistance Bands

The first item on the list is the classic resistance band. Resistance bands are great because they're light, portable, and extremely versatile. Many of our jumpers use them to improve strength, functional fitness, and flexibility. This is something every fitness enthusiast should have in their training bag.

Who this gift is great for: functional fitness enthusiasts and frequent travellers

Top Picks: TheraBand

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2. (Wireless) Headphones/Earbuds

Next up on our list are every music lover's best accessory, headphones. We all know the powerful effects music can have on motivation and training - good tunes can make or break a workout (see our Spotify playlist here). Wireless headphones and earbuds are all the rage right now because nobody wants to deal with annoying wires anymore.

Who this gift is great for: anyone struggling to untangle their headphones

Top Picks: Skull Candy and Jabra

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3. Compression Sleeves

A popular gift idea that we didn't expect to make the cut is the compression sleeve. If you haven't used compression sleeves in the past, they are great for promoting blood flow and improving recovery time between workouts. They also look pretty bad ass.

Who this gift is great for: high intensity training proponents

Top Picks: Nike

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4. Punching Bag

This one surprised us a bit. A few of our members had a punching bag at the top of their wish list. Punching bags are great for improving strength and endurance while also relieving stress. They can be hanging or freestanding, but either way - good luck wrapping and stuffing this one under the tree.

Who this gift is great for: anyone who needs to relieve some serious stress

Top Picks: Everlast Hanging Bag or Century Freestanding Bag

5. Training Mat

A mat might not be a sexy holiday gift idea, but it's great for providing support and comfort during training. This one was consistently one of the top choices in our community. A mat offers extra comfort and protects your joints when training. Note - if you've got a jumper on your list, a jump rope mat might be a pretty sweet gift idea.

Who this gift is great for: anyone who wants to soften up their surface

6. Dip Station/Pull-up Bar

Next up on our list is a dip station or a pull-up bar. We've put them together here because they're both great additions to any home gym. For pull-up bars, look for the ones that can hook to your door. For dip stations, look for Parallettes.

Who this gift is great for: anyone who is looking to build up their home gym

Top Picks: ProSource for pull-up bars and Lebert EQualizer for parallettes

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7. Kettlebell

One of the most popular items on the list was the mighty kettlebell. Kettlebells are incredible for building functional strength and endurance and are a great addition to any home gym. You can never go wrong with adding a kettlebell to someone's training kit. Again, good luck wrapping this up and hauling it under the tree.

Who this gift is great for: kettlebell enthusiasts or anyone looking to expand their home gym

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8. Workout Apparel

Workout apparel from top name brands were high up on our list this year. People just want to look fresh while training. What you want to look for when picking out training apparel is something that is comfortable, breathable, and, of course, stylish.

Who this gift is great for: anyone into looking good while training

Top Picks: Adidas and Under Armour

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9. Training Shoes

Nearly 20% of our members voted training shoes as one of their top picks. Finding the right shoe is critical for maximizing training performance and minimizing injury. There are tons of great looking shoes out there right now, but we got you covered (see top picks).

Who this gift is great for: everyone

Top picks: see our list of top shoes here

10. Jump Rope System from Crossrope

Our community is a little biased so this one comes at no surprise. Over 50% of our members said they wanted a new jump rope set for the holidays. Weighted ropes are great for building strength and endurance and are a great addition to any home gym.

Who this gift is great for: anyone who wants to get lean, strong, or fit anywhere

Top picks: Original Plus Set or the new Jump Rope System Get Fit Bundle

Gift Ideas From the Crossrope Team

I asked each member of the Crossrope team (a fit bunch) to send me their top gift ideas for this year. Here's what they sent over (in no particular order).

11. Training Gloves

First up on the staff gift idea list is a sexy pair of training or weightlifting gloves. These are great when you're working with dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells. They help improve grip and are especially useful for keeping your hands smooth and callus-free.

Chosen by: Schekina

Who this gift is great for: anyone who lifts weights or who wants to keep calluses away.

Top picks: Nike

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12. Fitness Tracker

Next on our list is a classic fitness tracker. This one wasn't as popular this year as it was last year, but it's still a pretty sweet gift idea. Fitness trackers are great for keeping tabs on your activity levels, monitoring sleep, and much more.

Chosen by: Andy

Who this gift is great for: data nerds and anyone interested in monitoring their health more closely.

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13. Music/Audiobook Subscription

Another item coming from our staff is a subscription service for music or audio books. These might be tough to get as a gift since they're monthly subscriptions, but perhaps a gift card could help them get started. There's nothing better than an unlimited source of music and information at your fingertips.

Chosen by: Srdjan and Andy

Who this gift is great for: anyone who loves music or books

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14. Water Bottle

This is another item that somewhat lacks appeal, but a cool looking water bottle can definitely help encourage better hydration. Note - I've received countless water bottles as gifts in the past and always made use of them.

Chosen by: Srdjan

Who this gift is great for: anyone (seriously)

Top Picks: Swell Bottle

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15. Hylete Performance Apparel

The final item on our holiday fitness gift guide is workout gear from Hylete. This is one of Dave's favorite brands and they make some really top-quality performance apparel. If good workout gear is high on the list, then this is a brand worth looking at.

Chosen by: Dave

Who this gift is great for: anyone who’s getting into Powerlifting

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What's on Your Fitness Wish List?

With the holiday season coming up fast, we hope this fitness gift guide will serve helpful in your shopping journey for your fitness minded friends.

Got other fitness gift ideas?

Share them in the comments below!

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