The Next Big Thing is Here: The Infinity Rope System from Crossrope

20th Nov 2018

Over the past six months, we've been working on a big project. We've been creating the next evolution in Crossrope training systems.

For months we've been tweaking, refining, and polishing what we deem to be the most refined jump rope training system on the planet and, after what seems like an eternity, I'm excited to say that it's almost ready.

Say hello to the Infinity Rope System, a revolution in jump rope training.

You said you wanted lighter and faster. We did it.

You said you wanted more options and more versatility. We did it.

Our new training sets are rooted in the foundation and design of Crossrope 2.0 and our flagship product, the Burn Set. But now we’ve taken things to a whole new level.

Let us show you what we've been working on.

What is the Infinity Rope System?

UPDATE: right now we're accepting pre-sales for the new Infinity Rope System. If you want to get your set before anyone else, get your Infinity Rope System here.

The Infinity Rope System is the most comprehensive jump rope training system from Crossrope to date. It’s simple, elegant, and offers a more refined training experience.

The Infinity Rope System has three levels.

Level 1: The Starter Set

The Starter Set is the new name for our existing flagship product, the Burn Set.

Infinity Rope System Starter Set

Infinity Rope System Starter Set

Comprised of our popular ¼ Lb Agility rope, 1 Lb Intensity rope, and interchangeable Rugged handles, this set offers uncompromising performance on all surfaces.

This is the ideal set for beginners who are looking to get started with jump rope training or avid jumpers who are looking for a durable training solution.

Click here to get the Infinity Rope System Starter Set

Level 2: The Plus Set

The next level up from the Starter Set is the Plus Set.

Infinity Rope System Plus Set

Infinity Rope System Plus Set

Along with the two ropes from the Starter Set, the Plus set comes with two brand new ropes: the ½ Lb Energy Rope and the 2 Lb Fury rope.

The new ropes offer additional benefits for those looking to maximize training options for burning fat, building strength, and improving conditioning anywhere.

All four ropes in this set can be used on any surface.

This set also includes a bonus digital copy of The Official Crossrope Guide which provides you with 27 all-new workouts that are powerful tools to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Click here to get the Infinity Rope System Plus Set

Level 3: The Premium Set

The third level of the Infinity Rope System is the Premium Set. This is the pinnacle of the new system.

Infinity Rope System Premium Set

Infinity Rope System Premium Set

In addition to all the indoor-outdoor ropes that come with the Plus Set, the Premium Set includes our revolutionary new Bolt Set which brings a new element of speed to the game.

The new Bolt handles allow you to fully customize the length of your speed ropes, which include the 1 Oz Sprint rope and 3 Oz Speed rope. These ropes have been designed to be lighter and faster than ever.

These chrome-colored aluminum handles have a meticulously engineered design to optimize grip. They are extremely lightweight and virtually indestructible.

Oh yeah. And they also look bad ass.

No expense was spared in this design of this new product. We tested over 50 prototypes in order to deliver a design that is not only lightning fast, but extremely durable.

As a bonus, the Premium Set comes with our Crossrope Training Bag so that you can conveniently carry your new ropes and handles anywhere you go.

Click here to get the Infinity Rope System Premium Set

What Makes the Infinity Rope System better?

The Infinity Rope System is more versatile, more durable, and higher performing than ever.

All the weighted ropes can be used indoors and outdoors, which means no more limitations. You can use your ropes anywhere, anytime.

The Bolt Set is in a class of it’s own.

The new handles weigh in is less than 1/3rd of our Quick handles.

They are compatible with the new and improved 1 Oz Sprint rope for skills like double and triple unders and the 3 Oz Speed rope for double under conditioning or fast-paced freestyle jumping.

Each set also comes with our new quick-start guide booklet to set you up for success with an easy reference on technique tips, product info, and even workout challenges.

We’re also excited to announce that we’ll have upgraded app features and more workouts for iPhone as well as an Android app coming out in 2016.

The Infinity Rope System was carefully thought out in order to ensure a jump rope and workout experience unlike anything else to help you burn fat, build muscle, and get in the best shape of your life.

What about Crossrope 2.0?

The existing Crossrope sets are still going to stick around, for now.

In fact, because the superior Rugged handle design is the same, you can easily interchange between the existing Crossrope 2.0 ropes and the new Infinity System ropes.

There are no compatibility issues between the two systems.

The launch of the Infinity Rope System does not make the existing sets obsolete. In fact, the two systems work great in parallel. The Crossrope 2.0 sets are excellent for indoor training while the new Infinity Rope System offers an amazing outdoor training experience.

When is the Infinity Rope System going to be available for purchase?

We're not releasing the official launch date yet, but it will be sometime next month - just in time for the holidays!

UPDATE: right now we're accepting pre-sales for the new Infinity Rope System. If you want to get your set before anyone else, get your Infinity Rope System here.

Your Turn:

What questions do you have about the new Infinity Rope System? What new feature are you most excited to test out? Let us know in the comments below!

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