Jump Rope Workout With NEW Limited Edition Set [WORKOUT]

20th Nov 2018

Crossrope Limited Edition Jump Rope Workout

Re-published on March 17, 2017.

Today we're excited to bring you an exclusive jump rope workout with our Limited Edition Set that will be re-launching very soon (more on that in a second).

If you're looking for a jump rope workout to push you outside of your comfort zone...

...or if you're looking to spice up your current jump rope workout routine with a new level of fun and intensity, then you're going to love this quick routine we've put together for you.

Check out the full details (and workout video) below.


The Limited Edition Set is Coming!

Some exciting news to share with you -

So a few months back (early November of 2016, I think), we did our very first launch of the new Limited Edition Set - a unique jump rope combo set that contains three brand new ropes with new weights and newly designed handles.

Crossrope Limited Edition Jump Rope Set

Discover more about the Limited Edition Jump Rope Set.

Within a couple of weeks, our stock was nearly completely out! People loved them. And they kept asking when we were going to bring them back.

We don't have an exact date yet, but we can tell you it's very SOON!

If you would like to learn more about the Limited Edition set and/or get notified when we do our re-launch, click below for further details.

Check out the full details of the Limited Edition Set here

Feature Jump Rope Workout

In celebration of hte re-launch, we're bringing back this Limited Edition feature workout.

This is going to be a challenging one because we're going to be using some really heavy weights (did someone say 3LB Titan X?).

What you're going to need:

> Ltd Edition jump rope set - get the Limited Edition Set here> A timer - you can use your phone for this one> Some space to jump - outdoors is always fun

There are three separate rounds for this workout. You're going to run through all three rounds one after the other, resting 30-60 seconds between each. Then you'll rest 2-3 minutes and repeat the three rounds again.

Round 1 - 3/4 Lb Rush Rope

Jump rope for 2 minutes with the red 3/4 Lb Flex rope and go all out on the last 30 seconds of the round.

Rest 30-60 seconds.

Round 2 - 1 1/2 Lb Flex Rope

Jump rope for 90 seconds with the red 1 1/2 Lb Flex rope and go all out on the last 30 seconds of the round.

Rest 30-60 seconds.

Round 3 - 3 Lb Titan X Rope

Jump rope for 60 seconds with the 3 Lb Titan X rope and go all out on the last 30 seconds of the round.

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat the three rounds.

Check out the video to see what the workout looks like:

Here are some important tips to keep in mind for this workout:

> Use light basic jumps and boxer steps for the light portion of each round and focus on maintaining good symmetry and a nice tall posture. If you're unsure what good jump rope technique looks like, check out our complete beginner's guide to jumping rope.

> In the last 30 seconds of each round, push as hard as you can by increasing the number of rotations and using more challenging exercises like double unders and sprints.

> If you need to take longer rest breaks, feel free to do so. Try to complete this workout at your own pace. But complete it.

How did it go?

I'd love to hear how the workout goes for you.

Leave your results or experiences in the comments below. And if you really like it, give it some likes and shares as well. Good luck!

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