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Rugged Handles


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  • Product Description


    • Jump in style by customizing your rope with 6 bold handle colors.  Limited quantities. (Add $3.00)
    • Heavier, larger grip option of the Crossrope handle choices. (Total weight: 10 oz.)
    • Durably mounted ball bearings ensure smooth, consistent rotation for all Crossrope cables.
    • Innovative, yet simple clip attachment enables you to easily interchange all 4 weighted Crossrope cables for unparalleled jump rope training.
    • Ideal for use with the 1/4 Lb black Agility rope, 1/2 Lb blue Energy rope, 1 Lb orange Intensity rope, and 2 Lb yellow Fury rope.


    Detailed Overview

    The Crossrope Rugged Handles are the heavier version of the two Crossrope handle types.  The thicker grip is favorable for good grip strength and leverage when training with the heavier Crossropes.  These handles are included with the Starter Set, Plus Set, Premium Set and Premium+ Set.

    • Rugged Handles have stainless steel ball bearings for smooth rotational action. (Handle Weight: 10 oz. total)
    • Approximately 6" long with tennis style wrap for superior grip.
    • Made from virtually unbreakable, high grade plastic.
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    1. Crossrope and their support were the best for me

      Best overall system with xcellent support and guidance. Every product met or ceeded my expectations. on 24th Jul 2017

    2. satisfied customer!

      I enjoyed the handle, it feels really good. Also, the Agility rope is pretty good. I can jump rope anywhere without worrying it will wear out. on 2nd Jul 2017

    3. awesome!

      Really like the handles, getting better at my boxer step with your product! on 12th Jun 2017

    4. awesome handles

      I love Crossrope handles they are awesome on 5th Jun 2017

    5. Rugged Handles Made a MAJOR Difference

      I have both your light speed rope and a heavy rope, I think one pound. I mostly use the weighted rope, but after visiting your site recently and after watching ZenDudes on YT, I decided I need to up my game from the regular handles to the Rugged Handles as recommended for the heavier ropes. It made a MAJOR difference in that the rope handles better. Also, as a 6ft 2 tall woman with really long hands, the Rugged Handles are more accommodating! Thank you for providing quality ropes and handles. They are a game changer! on 30th May 2017

    6. love them

      Rugged and an extra punch of weight; on 19th May 2017

    7. ZDF 1/4 Agility

      Whats up Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayaz.
      Took a bit to get arrive.... Having purchased a cheaper set, I came here because the zen dude's sent me. This is a quality unit bar none. They may preach this all the time on their videos, but its for a reason. The 1/4 oz agility will challenge you much more than a standard jump rope.
      I could barely make it through one of their sets as my shoulders were burning.
      If you want quality, this is the rope to get. Nuff said
      on 18th May 2017

    8. Handles take a beating

      These handles are great quality. I'd love to tell you that I'm pretty careful with them but after swinging these ropes around and my arms feel like they're gonna fall off these handles sometimes go flying to the ground as there's no more strength to hold on anymore. They take a daily beatin and come tumbling to the ground yet they continue to work as advertised. Capital work Crossrope. on 16th May 2017

    9. Good strong handles

      These handles are easy to grip, and they are high quality. They take a little getting used to, since they are heavier than the handles of a typical jump rope, and the clips take some practice to jump with.

      I bought pink, and I should have just bought black...the colors are nice, but they get dirty way too easy, and then they look cheap after that. I have only been using them for a little over a week, and the pink is already horribly dirty. You can't clean it, because it's a tape-like textured finish. Just buy black. That's why I rate only 4 stars.
      on 5th May 2017

    10. Strong sturdy handle

      Love the handle. Very strong. Provides a good grip even with heavier ropes. The cushion support at the handle makes grip better. Will not slip. on 26th Feb 2017

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    • Jump Rope Cable Overview (CrossRope 2.0)

    Jump Rope Cable Overview (CrossRope 2.0)

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