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Complete Elite Jump Rope Set


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Product Description

This complete Crossrope set gives you all of the advantages of jumping rope for cardio, speed, weight loss, endurance and power. Choose the ropes you want to use for the right results. Vary your routine with different ropes and handles on different days. Whether you're jumping rope to lose weight, perfect your muscle tone or just bump up your endurance, you can do it all with the Crossrope Complete Jump Rope Set 2.0.


  • (BACK IN STOCK!) Jump in style by customizing your rope with 6 bold handle color options.  Limited quantities. (Add $3.00 per color pair)
  • Includes redesigned Crossrope Quick Handles, Rugged Handles, and all 7 Crossrope cables.
  • Sleek new design for smoother, faster, more powerful jump rope training than ever before.
  • It's a comprehensive jump rope system for unparalleled jump rope training.
  • Use the lighter cables for speed rope and cardio training.  Use the heavy weighted jump ropes for upper body strength and conditioning.
  • Comes with bonus easy reference workout card that includes 6 starter workouts to get you on your way to effective Crossrope training.
  • For a limited time, it comes with our FREE downloadable 'Double Under Domination 8 Week Program' to guide you on how to use these heavy ropes for maximum improvement. (It's also FREE with the purchase of our Double Under Domination Set.)


Detailed Overview

The Crossrope Complete Jump Rope Set is unlike any other jump rope product on the market and now, with Crossrope 2.0, it's better than ever.  This patent-pending interchangeable jump rope system offers high performance training tools. You can easily clip in 7 different cable weights, ranging from our Sprint cable at just under 2 ounces to our 3 -pound Titan cable. Each skipping rope has a distinctly different feel. That's why the set has an assortment of uses. Crossrope 2.0 lets you decide whether you'll jump rope for weight loss or improve your conditioning with high level workouts and exercises. As a beginner, cable ropes like the Stamina and Explode cable provide great feedback to help you learn timing and rhythm. As you strive to improve, each new rope in the series will offer a new training challenge. More experienced jumpers truly appreciate the versatility and smoothness of every rope in the system, whether you want to jump rope for cardio, you're training for a competitive sport or you're striving for new personal fitness goals. This may be the best jump rope training tool today.

  • Both sets of handles have stainless steel ball bearings for smooth rotational action. The Quick handles are free spinning and the Rugged handles have a special internal lubricant.
  • Sprint, Speed and Stamina cables are nylon coated with a steel cable core.
  • Explode, Power, Strength and Titan cables are PVC coated with a steel cable core.
  • All cables are labeled with the cable name, weight and length for easy reference.

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Product Videos

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  1. Feel great!

    Posted by Gail C. on 7th Aug 2014

    I'm very happy with my crossrope purchase. I was hesitant at first, probably not your average customer. I'm 5'2" weigh 112 am 58 yrs old and still kickin! I have the complete set and have worked through a few beginners workouts that were included with the purchase. Wow I love the feel and the heavier ropes I enjoy as much as the lighter. Haven't gotten to the Titan yet, will be awhile. Just want to say thanks for a
    great product. I feel great.

  2. Going heavy

    Posted by jon alvaro on 4th Aug 2014

    definately like training with the heavy ropes. I started with the power and now im all the wayt to the titan. great workout!

  3. Insane jumping

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2014

    Love this rope. My favorite are the red blue and silver Titan ropes. I use the blue one for 5 or 10 minute sets and then get an insane high intensity upper body workout with 30 second spurts on the 3 lb titan.

  4. Best jump rope

    Posted by Tim Solomon on 2nd Aug 2014

    I have lots of different ropes but like this one the best because it has all different weights. I like mixing up my workouts and feel like I get better results that way from using it so far for a few weeks.

  5. Awesome challenge

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2014

    This is an amazing jump rope, no doubt about it. I have already noticed improvements in my jumping ability after having it for just 2 weeks. Just make sure to only use it indoors. I'd like to see some crossropes that can be used outdoors too.

  6. dont wast your money on a treadmill buy this rope

    Posted by Jeff mcfarland on 27th Jun 2014

    Great product will whip you into shape fast....I have been roping ffor 8 years and thought I was good. Waite till you get this product. The hard part is getting the exact size cables that you need

  7. Simply complete!

    Posted by pns on 21st Jun 2014

    Very nice jumprope set. It took some time to ship it to Holland, but it arrived fine. The shipping costs + plus custum costs were substantial but it was still cheaper to let the rope set come from America, than to get them from one of the european dealers. I am very satisfied with the set. I jump rope as a part of my martial arts training.

  8. Great Interchangable system, but lighter cables are not smooth and seem to catch...

    Posted by Chris Larson on 18th Jun 2014

    I have been using the "Buddy Lee" speed rope for a number of years and think that the mechanism is much smoother than the cross rope system. I have had some trouble with my double unders because I feel that the rope catches due to not being as smooth as what I'm used to with the other rope. I do really like that the handles are interchangable and it is a real fast transition if you are switching from cable to cable in a workout to do speed work and more power work in the same session. I also feel that the heavier cables seem to work smoother than the lighter ones for some reason. They don't make as much noise or catch for me like the 2 and 3 oz cables do. I might need more time playing with them to refine the technique, but have been a little frustrated with the trouble I've had in working my double unders. I have been using my Buddy Lee speed rope instead of the lighter cables instead...

  9. Best Jump Rope Set

    Posted by Erich von Burg, Switzerland on 17th Jun 2014

    The complete set is very expensive, but its really worth the investment. For the heavy ropes you need strenght but are very nice for the beginners, because you can jump very slow and can pay more attention to your style and rhythm.


    Posted by A. Stidam on 11th Jun 2014

    In my gym bag I have a variety of jump ropes that I use. I have so many because im always looking for a better rope, extra weight or something to change up the workout. This site was referenced on a article i was reading so I checked out the site and I must say buying the set was the best decision ever. I keep the whole set and both sets of handles in their own special bag. If you wanna jump rope for fitness or a particular sport you cant go wrong with these.

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