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Complete Elite Jump Rope Set

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"Crossrope takes fitness to a new level for me. It's not just a warm-up, it's a workout on its own, with the different weight ropes for agility and power with the easy to grip, sturdy handles. Plus they're sized to fit you perfectly. And I love that I can take the on the road and get my fitness on anywhere. It's totally a good way!"

-Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie, founder of

"It's no secret that the world's fittest road warriors never leave home without a jump rope. This ultraportable gear offers impressive physical and mental benefits, including increased bone density, cardiovascular health, and overall body fitness, while improving memory and mental alertness. Best of all, a jump rope easily jams into a suitcase."

-Stephanie Pearson, Outside Magazine

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  • Product Description

    This complete Crossrope set gives you all of the advantages of jumping rope for cardio, speed, weight loss, endurance and power. Choose the ropes you want to use for the right results. Vary your routine with different ropes and handles on different days. Whether you're jumping rope to lose weight, perfect your muscle tone or just bump up your endurance, you can do it all with the Crossrope Complete Jump Rope Set.


    • Jump in style by customizing your rope with 6 bold handles.  Limited quantities. (Add $3.00 per color pair)
    • Includes Crossrope Quick Handles, Rugged Handles, and all 7 Crossrope Elite Series cables.
    • Sleek new design for smoother, faster, more powerful jump rope training than ever before.
    • It's a comprehensive jump rope system for unparalleled jump rope training.
    • Use the lighter cables for speed rope and cardio training.  Use the heavy weighted jump ropes for upper body strength and conditioning.
    • Comes with bonus easy reference workout card that includes 6 starter workouts to get you on your way to effective Crossrope training.

    Detailed Overview

    The Crossrope Complete Elite Set is unlike any other jump rope product on the market and now it's better than ever.  This patented interchangeable jump rope system offers high performance training tools. You can easily clip in 7 different cable weights, ranging from our Sprint cable at just under 2 ounces to our 3 -pound Titan cable. Each skipping rope has a distinctly different feel. That's why the set has an assortment of uses. Crossrope lets you decide whether you'll jump rope for weight loss or improve your conditioning with high level workouts and exercises. As a beginner, cable ropes like the Stamina and Explode cable provide great feedback to help you learn timing and rhythm. As you strive to improve, each new rope in the series will offer a new training challenge. More experienced jumpers truly appreciate the versatility and smoothness of every rope in the system, whether you want to jump rope for cardio, you're training for a competitive sport or you're striving for new personal fitness goals. This may be the best jump rope training tool today.

    • Both sets of handles have stainless steel ball bearings for smooth rotational action. The Quick handles are free spinning and the Rugged handles have a special internal lubricant.
    • Sprint, Speed and Stamina cables are nylon coated with a steel cable core.
    • Explode, Power, Strength and Titan cables are PVC coated with a steel cable core.
    • All cables are labeled with the cable name, weight and length for easy reference.


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    1. such a blast

      I switched from a random jumrope to this set and I am amazed. It took me a few minutes to get used to the handles (the rugged are quite big and the quick are pretty long. the shape is still a bit strange). Yet I've managed to do DU and a few TU =)
      The product is of quality and It's really nice to switch from rope to rope. I just don't wan to go back to th mainstream rope !

      My only regret ? I didn't have ordered a bolt set along side...
      on 20th Aug 2016

    2. Get to work!

      Great product runs the gauntlet of everything you want! Heavy ropes are amazing! Titan was impossible and wonderful on first use. It was more like being along for the ride than having any form of control but that's to be expected. I'm a seasoned jumper, easily transitioning crisscrosses with the 2 pounder but Titan a whole different animal. Double unders with the speed ropes almost feel like cheating they are so smooth. I use 3-4 cables per workout for 30-60 minutes 4-6 x per week since I got it a few weeks ago (which is constant for my rope work) and the caribiners are excellent. My only concern is that there was a a bit more fraying on Titan the first use (on an indoor basketball court) than I anticipated. Plastic and bead ropes only last a few months for me. Leather lasted a year and the coating on RX cables exposed the cables in middle after 6 mos. I hope this set really does last, especially for the price. Initially though I am super stoked and happy. on 30th Jul 2016

    3. What I always wanted, but didn't know it

      I am extremely pleased w/ my complete set. It is so versatile and has opened up so many fun WODs that I couldn't done before. I had DUs before getting the set, but the heavier speed ropes have made me more consistent and strong for the longer met cons. Everyone at my CF box was in awe and I let the gym borrow them for a 3 lb Titan during a WOD and they loved it. Great quality, easy to clip in, great for travel. I couldn't be happier. on 25th Dec 2015

    4. Great ropes

      This is just a really good product. on 28th Aug 2015


      I am a US Marine and have had my fair share of using different ropes throughout my career. The quality and variety of Crossropes and the versatility of changing out the handle styles was very gratifying. I am in the process of honing my double unders skill so I've been following the workout plan that came with the Elite Jump Rope bundle and it has been helping tremendously. The only con I see, which is very minor, is that I wished they would've come with a bag to store all the ropes in. on 24th Aug 2015

    6. I continue to be amazed!

      I have been using Crossrope for over 2 years now. When I used to work out with the Original compete set, I would every so often, break a handle from using the ropes so much. I went through MANY sets of handles over time, and that was fine with me, because nothing lasts forever.......Well, when 2.0 came out, and I started using it, I have broken 1, repeat only ONE handle in over a year of intense use, usually 4-5 times a week! And the break was just the very tip of the clasp on one rugged handle. (It was apparently a minor design issue that they have since fixed I've been told).....Bottom line, I beat the tar out of my 2.0 handles, and they just keep on, keepin' on......It's truly amazing, such a superior product! on 27th Jun 2015

    7. Real good quality ropes

      I've jumped on and off for years. Had a Chinese rope w/ plastic weighted handles. Was ok, but if you get that rope caught under your feet and drop the handles, the plastic will eventually I bought the crossropes and I'm really glad they're wooden handles. Weighted handles are VERY different than weighted ropes. I can't even do the 1 or 2 lb. rope, so I'm starting w/ the 5oz and I think the .75oz. The heavy ropes are hard, and I've been jumping again w/ weighted handles for the past 6 months 5 days a week, 20-30 min/day. the wieghted ropes, which I've never used before, are killer. The little speed ropes are a bit wispy for me, but maybe as I get better, I'll have a use for them. Great Idea to have interchangeable ropes b/c as you get stronger/better, you can change up your workouts. To me, the blue 5 oz. is the perfect weight, not too heavy nor too light. Just right. I guess the big thing here is that these are super versatile and real nice quality. on 28th May 2015

    8. love my new jump ropes

      I love my crossropes. I have loss fat since I have started jumping. Which, is great because I was so board from running . on 29th Apr 2015

    9. quality and versatility

      quality, smooth operation and easy changeovers. the versatility makes the set practical and economical as well. works well in my Physical Therapy/Soprts performance clinic. on 25th Mar 2015

    10. The Rope Set of All Rope Sets

      Throughout the previous year I have had an ongoing battle with double-unders during CrossFit. I became determined to learn to do them. I bought a good quality rope and set out to master DU’s. I practiced religiously for a solid month. A good day with the light fast rope I was using included maybe one or two sets of 5-10 DU’s, but with no sort of consistency. I had watched countless video’s and recorded myself doing DU’s to try to figure out where I was going wrong. While I did make some improvement, I was still nowhere near where I wanted to be with DU’s. By luck, I came across CrossRope Jump Ropes. I read the information on the website, watched some of Dave Hunt’s videos, and thought to myself “Well, I’ve tried everything else, so what’s to lose?” I took a drive down to CrossRope and picked up the Complete Elite Jump Rope set. That evening when I got home I took at the recommended workout plan for the ropes and went through it. Starting with the 0.75lb Explode Cable, I did the 2 sets of 100 single’s. Then moved on to the 5oz Stamina Cable and did 2 sets of 100 singles. With the heavier ropes, I immediately noticed that I had better wrist articulation. Previously my arms would begin to take over for some of the rotation of the rope. Now that the 400 singles were done, it was time to start practicing DU’s. As I began, I was in disbelief instantly- how could this be? A heavier rope actually made it easier to do DU’s! I continued practicing DU’s that night with the Stamina cable. The following night I went through the same workout and experienced even more success at stringing together successions of DU’s. This is something I had not yet achieved- it had only been by sheer luck before. Now I was able to string them together at will. Getting in to the second week of the workout, through using the heavier ropes in the Complete Elite set, my wrists were really beginning to do what they’re supposed to do and my arms were remaining more neutral. My bounding improved tremendously; I was staying in place while jumping, rather than moving about. I believe this is likely attributed to my wrists managing the movement of the rope instead of my arms. As the workout plan progressed, at the beginning of week 3, with the Stamina cable I experienced my first Triple Under! So in a matter of 15 days I had went from being not able to string together DU’s, to being able to do Triple-Under’s. Last night (during week three) I was doing DU’s with the 0.75lb Explode Cable. I’m absolutely amazed at how quickly the improvement was realized through using the training plan and the heavier cables.

      During the practice sessions with the ropes, I would become a little fatigued and my form would become sloppy. When this happens, I unclick the handles from the lighter rope and switch to the 1.25lb power cable as to reinforce the wrist movement, and not let the arms take over. This has proven so beneficial. Rather than trying to stick it out with a single, light rope, being able to go back to a heavier cable and reinforce good wrist movement and arm position that the heavier ropes solicit, I have seen a nearly instantaneous improvement in my ability to do DU’s. My only regret is that I didn’t find CrossRope Jump Ropes sooner. Aside from improvement in DU’s, the heavier ropes give an excellent cardio and strength workout. The 2lb Power Cable and 3lb Titan cable definitely add to the strength component.

      The Complete Elite set is a rope set that I would recommend to anyone who wants to become better at DU’s- actually, I’d say its absolutely necessary. It is also an excellent choice for those looking for greater variety in their workout with excellent cardiovascular and strength increases. This is the premier rope set.
      10 minutes of hard and fast jumping burns approximately 100 calories, add in the heavier ropes and you add to that burn significantly. So if you’re looking for a “Do Anywhere” workout tool – CrossRope is it.

      Thanks CrossRope!!!
      on 25th Jan 2015

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" I don't buy gym memberships any more because I have these ropes. They give me a cardio workout but a complete body workout. Since I travel for work my ropes always go with me and inevitably I have other guys jump with me and walk away exhausted but happy after the workout"
– Kevin Sandlin
"Crossrope's completely reinvented jumping rope for me. As a longtime and experienced jumper, I can now vary my routine and work out harder by switching out the different ropes. My workouts are more engaging, challenging and multi-dimensional."
– Bianca Jade, Fitness Expert and TV host